Youth Activities at Houston Yacht Club

The Future Of Sailing

HYC has the strongest youth sailing program in the Galveston Bay area, a program that offers activities for all interests. The mission of the Youth Program, also known as the Ragnots, is to develop knowledgeable young sailors while instilling in them the love for the sport of sailing that will serve as a foundation for the future of our club and our sport.

What is a Ragnot? A Ragnot is the nickname collectively given to the youth sailors at HYC by those who founded the group back in 1958. Ragnots are ages 9 through 18 years old or those who have completed 3rd grade but not the 12th grade. Mini-Ragnots are ages 6 through 8 years old or those who have completed Kindergarten but not 3rd grade.

The Ragnot program offers events throughout the year, including special occasion events as well as parties, field trips, cookouts, and after-school and weekend sailing practice. In summer, the pace picks up even more with overnight camps for Ragnots, day camps for Mini-Ragnots and racing instruction on various boats. Non-sailing activities are scheduled most Saturdays during the summer.

The Ragnot program has a full-time Sailing Coach and part-time seasonal coaches. Facilities include a Ragnot room (the Inlet) in the clubhouse, numerous dingy storage lockers, dollies, and two launching ramps. Members of the Ragnot program have access to the Ragnot fleet, which includes Optimists, 420s and J-22s.

The Ragnots keep in touch through their Google Group. To join the Ragnot e-mail list please contact our Google Group administrator by clicking HERE. The group administrator will reply to your e-mail with a link to join the Ragnot Google Group.

What will your children get out of the program?

  • New friends and social group
  • Tremendous self-confidence
  • The fun of spending all day with friends, sailing, swimming, playing and all the time learning – no time or interest in television or computer games
  • Skills that will last a lifetime

Do I need a boat for my children?
No, HYC has a number of club boats that you can rent for a nominal sum while your children decide whether or not this sport is for them. Chances are they will love it, and all the fun that surrounds the sailing program. Then they’ll be asking you to buy a boat!

Does it matter that I have no sailing experience?
No. You will not be alone, many of our parents are not, were not, sailors.

Do I have to stay at HYC while my child sails?
No. Some parents do stay, but the majority leave and return later in the day to collect their child. As friendships develop so do car pools.

Can I get involved with the Ragnots?
Absolutely. The Ragnots and the associated sailing programs are all volunteer driven and we welcome your support. Please contact the Youth Sailing Program to discuss further.

For more information on the Youth Sailing Program, please call the HYC Office at 281.471.1255.