Windward Bound

Promoting the Joy of Sailing Among Women

June 2023

If you have a sense of adventure, are at all competitive, or just want to feel safer on the water, you should check out the Windward Bound women’s sailing camp at HYC.

Windward Bound sailing camp is an annual, 3-day residential camp exclusively for adult women. Classes are taught entirely by women so that students can learn to sail in a supportive, low-stress environment. In Windward Bound classes, there are no “stupid questions” and definitely no yelling.

Campers are divided into small groups by skill level for instruction by experienced women sailors. Small groups allow individualized attention. Students enjoy lots of time on the water in a wide variety of sailboats such as Ensigns, J22s, 420s, and big keelboats.
Many campers are complete beginners, so don’t let your lack of sailing knowledge hold you back from signing up. Some campers understand the basics and are looking to improve their skills. A camper also might crew on a big boat and do her job well but wants to learn more about how it all works together. The top learning objective for some campers is gaining the skills to get a boat back to the harbor if the skipper is incapacitated.
Throughout the camp, the staff promotes the camaraderie between women involved in sailing.

Windward Bound camp seeks to spark the desire to get out on the water and keep sailing. Sailing is a life sport that can be enjoyed at a heart-pounding level or a peaceful, cruising with friends and family level.

For more information, please contact this year's Windward Bound Co-Directors Madonna Breen (here) or Lou Rosenfeld (here).

The Windward Bound Camp Application is available here.