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In 1956, the "A-Division- Catamaran-Class" (A-Cat) was originally founded in England by the former "International Yacht Racing Union" as a free construction class. Simply put the A-Cat Is a two hulled sailing boat sailed by a single person (helmsman) which conforms to the following measurement.

constraints. The A-Cat is 5.49 meters (8 ft.) maximum length, 2.3 meters (7 ft. 6&1/2 inches) maximum beam, maximum sail area of 13.94 square meters (150 square feet), and weight no less than 75 kilograms (165 pounds).

With the introduction of high-tech materials and advanced building methods, the A-Cat has become the fastest single handed racing sail boat in the world. Its light weight makes it easy for one person to rig, launch and sail, making it accessible to all ages.

The Americas Cup has recently turned to the catamaran to “put the Americas Cup back at the pinnacle of our sport”, Oracle Racing CEO Russell Coutts. This change to fast and exciting racing has caught the attention of many sailors from other fleets who are now moving to the A-Cat.


Presently there are 3 active A-Cat fleet members. The fleet often caravans to different regattas around the country. The A-Cat Worlds are being held in Islamarada, Fl. Oct 20 - 26.

Kevin Grice: The newest member to the fleet. He now is the President of the United States A- Class Catamaran Association.

Martin Hamilton: Has been sailing A-Cat since 2002.

Bob Webbon: Was one of the first to bring an A-Cat to the area. He is the Division Captain for the Gulf Coast.

Bruce Mahoney: Has just started sailing A-Cats. He is in the process of becoming the 4th member of the HYC A-Cat Fleet.

There are 2 more active A-Cat sailors on Galveston Bay. Allan Coutts and Roy Shaw.


A-Class of North America