Mosquito Fleet

The Mosquito Fleet was formed in 1988 as an offshoot of the Powernauts that were formed with the approval of the Board of Trustees back February 1977. The original purpose of this fun group was to meet monthly to enjoy the company of other powerboat owners, eat, drink and talk powerboats, with very little business, if any. Membership was initially limited to HYC members who owned powerboats however this requirement was soon relaxed to include any HYC member who could recognize a powerboat or who owned anything with a motor.

The Mosquito Fleet has since relaxed its membership criteria to include anyone who owns or knows someone who owns anything that has a motor whether it be powered by gas, diesel, electricity or batteries. The only requirement is that you want to have fun.

The Mosquito Fleet hosts informal parties in the Beachcomber, often with live music, and arranges cruises to various locations on the Gulf Coast. Members also participate in raft-ups in Woosie Bay, just to the North of the Harbor, to meet, have fun and watch the sunset over Shoreacres.

No boat, no problem. Your new friends and family at HYC will be happy to share their experiences with you and introduce you to the joys of boating whether it be under sail or power.

Membership is open to all members of the Houston Yacht Club. The only requirement is that you like to have fun. Annual dues are $25.00 cash or check payable to HYC Mosquito Fleet. Payment can be made at the Calendar Review day, at any event or by mail care of HYC.For more information contact the Mosquitodore Nick Moore 281 235 7949 or



Mosquito Fleet Events 2021

March 6
Shrimp Boil at the Beachcomber

April 2 - 4
Easter Cruise to Oak Island

April 24 - 25 (Canceled)
Cruise to Allen's Landing

May 27 - 31
Memorial Day Cruise to Port Arthur

June 12
Cheeseburger in Paradise Party

July 9 - 11
Moody Gardens Cruise for Fireworks

September 3 - 6
Labor Day Cruise to Harborwalk

October 2 
Lobster Boil at the Beachcomber

Nov. 13
Tacky Ball and Chili Cook Off at the Beachcomber

Dec. 3 - 5
Dickens on the Strand Cruise to Moody Gardens

All events are advertised in the HYC weeklyt email. Social Events at the Beachcomber are BYOB or trek up to the bar for your libation(s). Cruises are informal and some will work for land-yachters.