On The Water

Cruising Galveston Bay & Beyond

“Adventure Within Reach”... That’s what the Yachting Committee is all about. Organizing and promoting events to encourage members to get out on the water for fun and adventure. The Yachting Committee works to provide opportunities for daysails, raftups and overnight cruises to various destinations. Our goal is to get members of all ages and all boating interests out on the water as often as possible and to provide opportunities for HYC boaters to develop lasting friendships with other HYC boaters. If you don’t own a boat, no worries, you can still participate as many of our destinations have land-based accommodations such as hotels, RV parks or campgrounds. It’s not uncommon for a few land-yachts to join us at our destinations.

There is nothing you have to join and no dues to be paid. Just come on out and play. For daysails and raftups, you don’t even need to make a reservation, just show up and enjoy. For cruises, you will need to make a slip reservation, but we make that process easy.

If you’re new to cruising on Galveston Bay, our cruises are a great way to develop a level of comfort and confidence in navigating our cruising area. We can also help connect you with fellow HYC members that will gladly share their local knowledge and experience before you head out.


What is a Cruise Like at HYC:
While all cruises are different and conditions may vary, the following summarizes the steps you might find with a typical club cruise.

Cruise Planning:
Destination and schedule options are explored and chosen based on suitability. A Cruise Leader is designated and a cruise packet is started.

Collect names, boat information, headcounts, requests for activity volunteers and any other necessary information from the cruisers.

Pre-departure Communications:
Through either meetings or emails, we share the cruise packet which may include the final schedule, information about typical conditions, navigational information, any special requirements, volunteer assignments, estimated costs, slip assignments, etc…

Departure from Home Port:
Boats may depart as they see fit or they can usually join a flotilla of other cruisers. Boats are free to join a cruise for any part of the cruise. You may choose to do all or part of a cruise. Please keep the Cruise Leader apprised of your plans.

Unless you are the first to arrive, there should be other cruisers on-site to help with docking. Please lend a helping hand to any cruisers that arrive later. Please make sure the Cruise Leader knows of your arrival.

Evening Activities:
Volunteers organize activities/meals for each evening. This can range from a themed cookout or potluck dinner to an excursion to a local restaurant. Each night usually involves a party, planned or impromptu.

Return to Home Port:
Each boat returns to the club or home port on their own schedule. If returning to HYC, there will probably be an opportunity to travel as a group.

Cruise Leaders nor HYC assume responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of cruise participants. On each participating boat, the Skipper is responsible for the safety of that boat and for insuring that all Federal, State, and HYC rules and regulations are followed. While companion boats and a Cruise Leader may assist and advise, the Skipper has the ultimate authority and responsibility for the operation of his or her boat. The Skipper must exercise appropriate seamanship and discretion as to whether you should participate in, or continue with any cruise.